DIY: Headshots & Professional Selfies

(ONE WOMAN BANDIT) – These days you can do just about everything with your I phone including taking professional beauty shots and headshots. In my industry, you are constantly required to update your professional photo. It is entirely possible to be your professional photographer with all the apps and gadgets available today. Take a look at the recent headshots that I took of myself.

These are the things you’ll need to create you own professional ‘selfie’.

  1. A clear background
  2.  Proper lighting
  3.  A selfie stick or stand for your camera
  4. A camera with a timer.

    To start I used one of the most basic apps there is to achieve the effect that I wanted. I propped my I Phone on a stand, set the timer to 3 or 10 seconds and took several photos in front of a clear solid background (top Left). Once I was done, I imported the photo into the app ‘Color Pop Effects‘. The app immediately turns the photo into a black and white image.

    The app will allow you to highlight or color sections of the image that you want to reveal in color (shown Left). The final photo is to the right. It shows the background is still gray (a neutral background color), but my head, hair, skin and wardrobe are in  color. The effect is similar to what you would find or purchase at a regular portrait studio and it was all done with a free app.

As for applying different backgrounds to your photo, you’ll need to use the ‘Background Eraser‘ App. It allows you to delete your current background. Although I thing it’s great it does complicate things by having cut your image away from the current background. If this is not done right it won’t look professionally done at all.

Finally I used the ‘Pic Blender‘ App to apply a different color background. I chose a blue solid color and merged my cropped photo with it. There are also other apps (included below) that will allow you to achieve the same effect.




One comment

  1. Wow! You rocked this! I’ve been trying to figure out how I found take my own shots but still look professional. This is totally doable. Thanks so much!

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