The Live Shot

hydranthit(ONE WOMAN BANDIT) – Every Reporter has to master the live shot! It’s not an easy task given that it is “live” , your script may need changing with new information and you can’t control your environment. I once asked a veteran reporter about tips on delivering a stellar live shot and it was surprisingly simple! Yet this is something that many rookie reporters will flub on because of their reliance to technology that may fail.

Tips to a Great Live Shot!

1. Use a NOTEPAD vs. a your IPHONE! A photographer shared a story once of one of his reporters who wrote her notes in her IPHONE and while waiting to do her live shot the IPHONE locked up on her a few seconds before going live. This may be a minor mishap but, it’s an example of how technology and gadgets can fail you.  Having all the information in front of you will make for a better conversation between your self and the news anchors back at the studio.

2. WRITE IT DOWN- As mentioned before…write the information down in short and descriptive sentences! You want to memorize your LEAD-IN! then refer to the following sentences you’ve written and expound on them as necessary. Ultimately, the goal is to give concise information, quickly and to sound natural and put together amidst the situation that surrounds you. “It’s supposed to be live not rehearsed” says, KCWH Reporter, Sia Nyorkor. She also mentioned using talking points are very helpful.

See more tips on Live Shots for News Reporters…

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