Internship, Fellowship & Scholarships 101

My internship at WKRN Channel 2 Nashville
My internship at WKRN Channel 2 Nashville

ONE WOMAN BANDIT – Most schools, newsrooms, and television mentors will encourage aspiring journalists to break into the business by way of interning. Internships are often offered through local news stations, radio, sports agencies and just about any other institution that you could think of. However, they are limited and there is just as much competition to get an internship as there is to get a job. With all that said, I still recommend aiming high in choosing which markets and which news outlets you decide to pursue an internship with.
I say this for the following reasons:

1.) Having a mentor in a 50 or 30 market, will give you a better example of what to strive and aim for. A lot of reporters start off in smaller markets, but for many their end goal is to end up in a larger market.
Having such mentors on your journey will provide encourage and be a good resource later on as you apply to these higher markets. (example: I interned in Nashville and West Palm Beach, Florida)

2.) Great internships are strong resume builders. News Directors want to see that you have at least been in a real world newsroom environment. This might be the only experience you’ll have on your resume as you leave college so make it count.

How to get an internship:

1.) There usually is an application process through the TV station or news outlet. You will have to do some research online and perhaps make some phone calls to find one.

2.) Look to your college for internship listings and flyers. There are also several websites with this information. One of which I have listed below.

3.) Keep up with all your deadlines, materials needed and fees by creating a spreadsheet. I attached a spreadsheet used while applying to various internships below. The application process was and still is competitive. You’ll see that I wasn’t accepted for every Internship, fellowship and scholarship that I applied for.

2012 Broadcast Fellowships for Fadia (version 1)

Spreadsheet of internships and deadlines
Spreadsheet of internships and deadlines

Here are some other links that can help you land that internship:

10 Steps young journalist can take to get an internship

80 Journalism internship and fellowships for application season


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