My ‘On Air’ Natural Hair Journey

(ONE WOMAN BANDIT) –  I’ve certainly have had quite the hair journey, as you can see in the pictures below. These are actual headshots for various stations that I worked for.  My hair treatment and journey were at different phases. I went from wearing extensions, to coloring my hair which damaged it tremendously. Today, I have adopted a more natural look, seen in the pic of me with the red blazer. This is something that all women of all backgrounds have to contend with when working in broadcasting.

WEHT reporter headshot


Current Headshot

(2015)  I wasn’t surprised that this week, a youtube video by a North Carolina TV Anchor giving her intern hair advice went viral. If you haven’t seen it, It’s worth watching and is posted below.  Anchor Angela Green asked viewers to weigh in on how college sophmore, Madison Jaggars should wear her hair for T.V. and the response was overwhelming to say the least.  Green had twitter and facebook responses criticizing her for giving her point of view, when in reality the style she referred to is the preferred style in broadcasting.

(2010) Flashback to when I was working at my first TV station in Florida, there was a reporter, at the competing station who documented her natural hair journey and filed a report on air about it. This was market #38, in West Palm Beach and from there she wore her hair natural and went on to an even higher market while being ‘au natural’. This move inspired me so much. In my conversations with this reporter, she told me that she wouldn’t have accepted the job if they didn’t accept her natural coif. However, not every journalist has had the luxury to have that option.

How one should wear their hair over the air is up for constant debate. Today, there are more natural hair care products that didn’t exist years ago, which is why I chose to go with a natural look that I could maintain. I believe that aspiring journalists should have that conversation with management before accepting on-air positions. I’ve certainly do see more diverse hairstyles on television anchors and reporters today…more so than I did 5 years ago. I also believe that you can alter your hair without destroying it as I did in the past.

#onewomanbandit #teamnatural



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