What’s Out there? Nobody Knows!

Allison Parker and Adam Ward

(ONE WOMAN BANDIT) – It has been almost two weeks since we heard of and some saw the tragic killings of two journalists, Alison Parker and Adam Ward on live television. What’s even worse, the assassin was a former employee of the TV station at which they all worked, WDBJ.

bryce-williams-shooting-467x630Despite of the killer’s motive, I will never comprehend what would push someone so far as to take another’s life. You didn’t give it so how can you take it away! Judging by the murderer’s (who I will not bother to mention his name) twitter and facebook accounts he believed he was justified in his actions.

I think journalists are always at the forefront of danger and controversy. It goes along with being one of the first to witness and report history. Though one might have expected this to happen in a war zone overseas where journalists are constantly taken as captives, the incident was a very real picture of the dangers reporters like me face.  Some of us go out alone, with no security as the public might believe to be true.  We don’t have an entourage with us to do our jobs. That’s the reality of local t.v. news.  Very rarely do I find a single journalist complain about that because like myself they actually love and are passionate about their jobs.  While the public anticipates seeing the annual blooper reel fun mistakes from television news, the reel itself doesn’t capture the many close calls while on the job. There are no highlights of the about of times we put ourselves in harms way to deliver the story.  Earlier this year a reporter was robbed on live television. I also recall the moment during the Ferguson riots that CNN Reporter Sara Sidner was hit in the head with a rock! Several years ago,  Sidner was also attacked by an angry mob while on assignment in Mumbai. It proves that nothing in this world is ever secure and what’s out there? Well, nobody knows!

Reporter robbed on live television

CNN Reporter Sara Sidner hit with Rock

CNN Reporter Sara Sidner attacked in Mumbai


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