How to make Weather Graphics in After Effects


-Organize your composition and title them as Main Comp, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and 4 day


-Get Weather images from Istock Photo

-Choose a background to put in the foreground (preferably a background with movement)
-Make a block using the rectangle tool for each day in your forecast. Make sure to put each day in a separate compositions.                             –Choose the colors that you want for your blocks and label each day using the “text tool”.

I’m starting with a weekend Forecast including; Friday , Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

In the Friday composition; I imported the weather icon, and added the high and low for that day.

-Use your text tool to add the weather temperature. For Example 86° –Is created by making sure your NUM is LOCKED and typing 86 then ALT + 0176

Friday (0;00;07;01)FridayWeather

4-DAY (0;00;07;01)
Repeat these steps for Saturday, Sunday, Monday and so on..
Once you have completed each composition for the weather of each day; create another composition and tile it 4-Day or similar. Drag each day into this composition and adjust the position to place weather block beside each other. Now drag the 4-day composition into your Main Comp Composition.
Creating Movement within the graphic
As you’ll see with any news weather cast the best graphics are the ones that are moving. Static graphics are just not that appealing.
For my 4 day reveal decided to add a pivot movement.
-Under Effects & Presets ; I added the Gaussian Blur to create a blurred/dissolve effect as the 4 day blocks were turning forward.
The following are the setting for the blur; which last 23 seconds. Using a the stopwatch button to add a key frame at the beginning and at 23 seconds in (just before the blocks are fully revealed).
Effects> Gaussian Blur
Blurriness> 28.6
Blur Dimensions > Vertical

Gaussian Blur Keyframes staggered

To create the pivot movement; The Y Rotation and Opacity were set and adjusted . Again, you would click on the stopwatch beside each effect to set the keyframes. Notice that they keyframes (in yellow) are staggered. I have included the specifics and Keyframe data below.
Adobe After Effects 8.0 Keyframe Data

Transform Y Rotation
Frame degrees
14 -112
38 -26

Transform Opacity
Frame percent
10 0
31 100
Once this is complete you should have a weather board/block that is pivoting as it is being revealed.
Leave enough space for the talent to stand beside the weather forecast.

Transform KeyFramesMAIN COMP (0;00;01;26)

In Other News:I have great news to share; but not just yet! I’m truly excited about it. In the mean time if you have any questions about this post and/or after effects; Tweet me #onewomanbandit @Fadia_Dame_Tele ! :-)  Thanks for visiting my blog!


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