Shopping Your Reel

I try to update my reel at least twice a year; but since I’ve been at Channel 3; I ‘ve had a lot more material to work with; but not all can be included in my news reel. Demo reels usually are best at 5 to 7 minutes long; so you definitely want to put your best foot forward when picking your material. Having a strong montage and including 3 of your best packages will help keep it to this time limit. When you are officially shopping your reel to news stations the best time to do so is between the March and August months. Be on alert: many stations work with an annual budget and these months are prime when they are contemplating hiring for the the new fiscal year. Here are a few extra tips for compiling your work and shopping your reel.

1. Update as much as Possible!

You should be updating your demo reel as much as possible. A lot of news directors want to see work that is current. You should also update your resume with any skills that you’ve gained while in the field.

2. Make files/notes of your best work to include in your reel

Always keep your demo reel files stored on a hard drive in a safe place. Also take note of content that you would want to recut or repurpose for your demo reel.

3. Make DVD’s

Some News Directors may want a copy of your reel on a dvd. So have some on hand. Also walk around with our updated demo reel on a flash drive, and a dvd. ( You never know!)

Me Anchoring at NABJ-TV

4. Add to youtube, and other social media.

More than likely if you have a website you will need to use Youtube or Vimeo to upload videos to it. After you’ve done so use social media to promote it! Also if you are using Youtube; they have a wonderful feature to separate your montage and stories within the video. See my demo reel below to see how I have incorporated time codes in my youtube demo reel. By clicking on the timecodes (in blue); it will help anyone who is viewing your reel online navigate easily through your different packages. I have labeled every section of my reel accordingly. Please see the example below.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 12.12.33 AM

5. Label everything properly!

Be sure to label your resume, demo reel and slate with your name; phone number; and email.

6. Use online employement sites! and are descent sites for your job search.

7. Network with peers on potential job openings.

Some jobs may become available only through word of mouth. You will need your colleagues to help in knowing which vacancies will exist soon.

In Other News…..

My website was featured on the NABJ Digital Blog. Click on the link to see the article.

I discovered some great sites that; any mmj and or digital journalist could benefit from such as ; Survive TV News and . I have also included my latest demo reel which can be found on

Got Questions or want to add to this post? Tweet me with #OneWomanBandit  @Fadia_Dame_Tele ! 🙂



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