New Headshots!

Headshot created with iPhone & Instagram
Headshot created with iPhone & Instagram

As a Journalist, every couple of years, you are expected to update your head shots. The last time I had my photo taken was two years ago ( I included that pic below). For a career portfolio photo; I decided to go a different route than before. For my last photo, I had a photographer from the Associated Press, Elena Skochilo take my photo.  This time around I needed to literally do it myself.  Thanks to my IPhone, I was able to get high quality and High resolution photos that look just as professional as the $5,000 camera used for my previous photo.  A good professional photo can be added to your stations page, your demo reel and your business cards! See these examples over the jump. Also see some news about myself.

Check out these links to get professional photos for little to no cost:

2013 Headshot
2011 Headshot
Official CityTV Channel 3 Website

News About Fadia 

-I’m excited and wanted to share that I will be reporting for MTV Networks in the Fall! Stay tuned for more stories and updates from myself.

Demo Reel Slate

Got Questions or want to add to this post? Tweet me with #OneWomanBandit  @Fadia_Dame_Tele ! :-)


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