About the ‘One Woman Bandit’

Hello I’m Fadia Patterson and I am the “One Woman Bandit”. I enterprise, shoot, write and edit stories for broadcast and other multimedia platforms. This blog is a journal for my adventures as multimedia journalist in the  ever evolving broadcast television industry.


One Man Band (OBM) or Backpack journalism is a form of journalism that requires a journalist to be a reporter, photographer, and videographer, as well as an editor and producer of stories. There is no set for this practice, but it is essentially “ a method using … journalism to create powerful, intimate stories that take people beyond the boundary of their own life experience and them with the currents, forces and situations reshaping our world on a daily basis.”[1] This method uses various media tools, such as lightweight laptops, phones, inexpensive editing and digital cameras to more fully engage both the audience’s intellect and emotion. Backpack journalists file material to supply the Web, and occasionally television, from locations that would be otherwise inaccessible to large news teams. Although the term within the sphere of broadcast journalism, it has expanded to include all areas of the media world.

“The One Woman Bandit”

Fadia Patterson–Multimedia Journalist/ One Woman Band




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